A Red Scarf


IT geek, techie - and an art nerd who loves to travel

That's just not possible!? You can't be in IT and also be an art nerd.

Yes, you can!  I am living proof that it is possible and that the two can fit well together.

My name is Ann-Katrin Borgenstam.

One foot in IT and business, the other in art. An interesting mix - and a lot of good comes out of that.

Daytime you find me working with project management, customer success and cloud services, in an agile environment, other times - well, other times you may find me at an art museum, in a restaurant or out with my camera.  


This landing page is a temporary landing page while I am researching alternative web hosts. Please bookmark - domain will remain, however the website will be hosted in a more suitable environment eventually. Stay tuned.